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Dai Jinping: Dogwood

来源:黄山日报 作者:江伟民 December 13, 2019 09:01:09 Source: Huangshan Daily Author: Jiang Weimin

Jinxian Township, Yixian County is located on a mountain top with an average altitude of more than 800 meters. There is a plant here. The red fruit that grows is called dogwood, commonly known as red date skin. Dogwood is a treasure, and even more gratifying is that it is not afraid of the high cold, rooted in barren, self-improving, selfless dedication. Dai Jinping, as a native rural teacher, took root like a dogwood and was barren, leaving love on the land in his hometown.

As soon as it was winter, the road into the mountain changed its appearance. Dogwood is full of red fruits, and is dotted in the vast hinterland of the mountains, just like the moss dots in Chinese paintings. "We are going to the Renfeng Teaching Point today. Teacher Dai Jinping has been teaching here for 5 years. In 32 years of teaching career, Teacher Dai has been teaching at a teaching point in a one-person school for 20 years. The conditions are no worse than a word. He, it is one of the tens of thousands of dogwoods. "It was Lu Peigen, the principal of Jin County Central School of Yi County that took us into the mountains. Along the way, Principal Lu introduced us to Teacher Dai Jinping.

How can crows drink water

Renfeng Teaching Site, a small two-story building, is very simple. During the construction period, the electric power department invested money, and a "Guangming Elementary School" sign was hung on the wall.

This is a large single class, young, one, two, 18 children, three grades. Dai Jinping is in the class "Raven Drinks Water". "In addition to throwing stones into the bottle to raise the water level to drink water, is there any other way for the crow to drink water? Students, let's use our brains to help the crow think of a way.

"When I was young, the teacher asked us to write a composition of" My Ideal. "I remember that my ideal at that time was to be a teacher. At that time, maybe I just felt that the teacher was great and everyone should listen to what he said. Until he became a teacher, Only then can I know how heavy the burden is on my shoulders. "

Dai Jinping was admitted to Xiuning Normal School in 1984. After three years, he returned to his hometown and took to the podium. Faced with a pair of innocent eyes, from that moment, Dai Jinping silently promised in his heart that he must devote himself to the education in his hometown.

"Teacher, I know." A tiger-headed little boy stood up. Encouraged by Dai Jinping, the little boy said, "Find a straw for the crow and drink water all at once."

"The crow lifted the bottle up with his feet to drink. It doesn't have to be so troublesome." A little girl said in a low voice, maybe she didn't think she could do it in her own way.

Heuristic teaching requires a childlike mind.

Dai Jinping graduated from a normal university and is of scientific background. Born in 1968, although he is half a century old, he always shows his innocence and remains innocent. A classroom is fun.

Teach everywhere

When the teacher was studying, Dai Jinping published a speech "Responsibility of a Middle School Teacher and Student" in "Composition Monthly" and determined to be a people's teacher taking root in the mountains in the future. Over the years, he has never forgotten his vows, and has never shaken his cultivating fist. With a sincere heart of education and a strong sense of responsibility, he has been working in the remote Jinchuan Township. When he was young, he had many opportunities to walk out of Jinchuan or change careers, but he gave up.

In 1993, 25-year-old Dai Jinping was appointed as the principal of Jinchuan Central Elementary School. At the first teachers' meeting, he faced colleagues who were mostly their own teachers, faced with one-by-one veteran teachers, An old schoolmate who has graduated from a normal school, he feels that he has a heavy responsibility on his shoulders, and it is incumbent on him. During his tenure, he actively urged all private teachers to participate in correspondence education for middle school teachers, and had a good foundation to participate in private-to-public recruitment. In order to help colleagues pass early, Dai Jinping actively collected review materials, printed them, and distributed them to everyone. A few years later, most of the private teachers in Jinchuan Township got their correspondence certificates for middle school teachers. Many of them also became public teachers, laying a good foundation for the follow-up development of the whole township education.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, quality education was fully implemented. However, Jinchuan was relatively backward at that time, with as many as 23 campuses and more than 1,900 students at the time. The school was in poor condition and overcrowded. Dai Jinping went around to rebuild the new school building in the dilapidated house, striving for projects and raising funds. Especially at the beginning of this century, working day and night to relocate Jinchuan Central Primary School.

"Mencius has a saying that it is a joy in life to be taught by the world ’s talents. I also think it is good to be a teacher." In 2005, Dai Jinping, who had been the principal for 12 years, resigned from his post and returned When the teaching site became an ordinary teacher, this was how he expressed his thoughts. "It is false to say that there is no grievance. But soon, I figured it out. I am a teacher. My responsibility is to teach and educate people. I teach in this department and I teach at the teaching point."

Learning high as a teacher

At that time, many colleagues were afraid he could not figure it out and had emotions. "Mr. Dai is a man who can hold up and put down. He has a broad mind and we admire him." Colleagues said.

Back to the first semester of the teaching site, he took a big single class of four grades (young one, two, five) with 25 students. At the end of the first semester, the average scores of the four subjects in the first and fifth grades are ranked first in the township, and the average grades in the second grade are ranked in the top three.

At that time, the teachers in the mountainous areas of Shexian were mostly uneven. Older civilian teachers were not good at pinyin, and Dai Jinping, who was born in science class, became the incense stick of the mountain village. "Teacher Dai is here, and we are all happy. His fame is great. We are the famous teachers here." The villagers have good expectations for Dai Jinping and hope that Teacher Dai Jinping can come to teach in his village.

Over the years, Dai Jinping has always strictly demanded himself by the standards of a party member and teacher. No matter where he is, no matter how good or bad the environment is, or how far away from home, Dai Jinping never said anything; when accepting the task, he never hesitated and took on heavy burdens. For more than ten years after he stepped down, he was in Jinchuan Center The school teaches at Shitatou, Changchun, Zhongkeng, Renfeng and other teaching sites. Everywhere I go, I am still diligent and dedicated. For years, nothing happened that was late and left early. "Some people say that the one-person-one-school child king, the sky high emperor is far away, who can control you. I said that everyone can control me, including my students. As a teacher, you can lead by example and follow the rules, Only in this way can students be guided to be a person who understands rules and rules. "

Learning high as a teacher, being a fan. Every time Dai Jinping went, he was enthusiastic about serving, carefully planning one, and sticking to one sincerely. Keep the poor, keep loneliness, let the youth bloom in the valley, let the passion burn on the mountain.

Most of the children in rural teaching sites are left-behind children. Parents work all year round and their children live with their grandparents. In order to cultivate children's good living and learning habits and develop healthy and friendly behaviors, Dai Jinping often understands children's performance at home through home visits, regularly communicates with children and parents, and through theme class meetings, individual talks, patient education, and timely correction. At noon and extra-curricular activities, you can often see Teacher Dai taking a large group of children to the village to collect garbage and pick up bags and cans, so that children have an environmentally-conscious awareness of hygiene, care for the environment, and protection of nature.

I'm a mate for the children

Love is the most beautiful language of human beings. Education starts from love. Love is a ruler for measuring the moral level of a teacher.

In 2012, Dai Jinping came to teach at the Zhongkeng Teaching Site. There are 5 students in Xiaofushe Natural Village, 4 kilometers away from the teaching site. They have to bring Chinese food to school. The lunch is cold, and most of them do not want to eat. . Dai Jinping's eyes were very unpleasant. From then on, he decided to be a "coup" for the children and cook for them.

In 2015, Mr. Dai was transferred to Renfeng Teaching Center, which is further away from home. One day in the first week of the fall semester, student Wu Xiumei had just had lunch, and she cried with pain while covering her stomach. Dai Jinping immediately sent her to the village clinic for treatment. The doctor said it was caused by eating cold food.

Dai Jinping felt guilty: "I have just arrived and many things are not ready. Starting next week, I will provide hot rice to all students who bring their own Chinese food." The maximum number of students at Renfeng Teaching Point is 25, and they bring their own Chinese food. There are a dozen students far away, and Dai Jinping bought a large rice cooker for this purpose.

In the beginning, some of Lu Yuan's classmates were with him at school. At first glance, the villagers in the village had an idea in their minds. If the students in the village could also partner, wouldn't it save a lot of time for picking up the children? The parents of some local classmates found Teacher Dai and asked if they could partner. Dai Jinping said, yes, it's just a matter of adding a little more rice, and it's just a hand. Subsequently, the children of the entire class came in together.

At noon, the children lined up and waited for Teacher Dai to give them a meal. The hot rice is mixed with its own vegetables, and the classroom instantly turns into a restaurant, which becomes a lively scenery.

"I'm happier than anyone else to see children eat hot food in the winter, and I'm happy to be children," Dai Jinping said.

Teacher Dai not only cares about the students carefully, but also understands the difficulties of parents. Many young parents in the countryside entrust their children to their elders as soon as they are weaned, but they cannot take care of their children. The elders always want their children to go to school earlier. In recent years, children at Renfeng Teaching Center have been enrolled at the age of 3, which has reduced the cost of enrolling abroad and studying in central schools, and alleviating the difficulties of some families.

Someone asked Dai Jinping: "You bring so many students alone, so much workload. Those students who are not in the service area of this teaching point, you don't need to accept it!" Dai Jinping smiled lightly: "If I do n’t accept these children, They will have to travel far away to study in the cities and out of town, which will increase the burden on the people. "

Over the past 32 years, Dai Jinping has devoted his youth and blood to education in his hometown with his love for education. He has implemented his simple life goals with his actual actions and explained the purpose of serving as a party member and teacher. Praise from school, trust from parents, love from children.

"In recent years, our school has proposed the" Dogwood spirit ", which requires our teachers to be as brave as dogwood, to stand bravely on the top of the mountain, unpretentious; to stand up to the wind, to be self-improving; to be rooted in barrenness, to be selfless. 'Practitioner, he is an example for us to learn.' Said Lu Peigen, principal of Jinchuan Township Central School.

Edit: Wen Chao